Announcement No. (12/ 2023)

Statement on the G20 Summit in New Delhi

9 September 2023

I welcome the opening of the G20 Summit in New Delhi, India today and congratulate Prime Minister Modi as G20 President and host.

ASEAN Leaders this week issued a new call for international support in addressing the dire situation in Myanmar and its adverse impact on regional stability. They condemned the Myanmar military for its deliberate acts of violence and destruction, for the prolonged human suffering it has inflicted, and for the humanitarian crisis and transnational crime it has triggered. 

I implore G20 Leaders to take up ASEAN’s call. The military junta’s atrocities and its weaponization of humanitarian need have destroyed countless lives and forcibly displaced millions of people, threatening regional stability. They have also generated an economic disaster with mounting consequences for the global economy. 

The G20 Summit is a crucial opportunity for world leaders to put Myanmar on their agenda and to address its spiralling crises in their Leaders’ Declaration.

I wish G20 Leaders a fruitful Summit and extend to them my full support.